Quality System

MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd have given utmost care in the sense of quality system. We maintain a professional documented quality policy, which is one of the main tools in the successful completion of a construction project. The quality of a construction depends upon the material used, the specification followed even in workmanship, strict quality check during each stage of construction and a documented quality maintaining program.

The selection of our employees has been considering quality measures by means of Trade, Related Experience and Quality assessment. Our Company policy is to follow the project requirements and specifications to achieve the successful targets of Quality System with full back up and monitoring of our firm Engineers, Our main intention is to maintain and move up the “Quality” of the work and in order to keep the Quality preeminent,

We dedicate ourselves to our assignment and give the complete surety and peace of mind to our Clients. Because of these three factors our organization is recognized as MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd. Our Quality System is being audited by our Quality supervisors who will, in turn ensure that all rejections and corrective actions have been properly filed and performed satisfactory besides of continuous efforts to the rejections to a minimum or none.

MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd – QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM


MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd is responsible for quality control and shall establish and maintain an effective quality control system in compliance with the Contract specification. The quality control system shall be consisting of plans, procedures, and organization necessary to produce, an end product which complies with the contract requirements. The system shall cover all construction operations, both onsite and offsite, and shall be keyed to the proposed construction sequence. The project superintendent will be held responsible for the quality of work on the site. The project superintendent shall mean the individual with the responsibility for the overall management of the project including quality and production.


MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd on the start of the project will furnish a Quality Control (QC) Plan proposed to implement the requirements of the Contract. The plan shall identify personnel, procedures, control, instructions, test, records, and forms to be used.

The QC Plan shall be including, the following to cover all construction operations, both onsite and offsite, including work by subcontractors, fabricators, suppliers, and purchasing agents:

A description of the quality control organization including a chart showing lines of authority and a0cknowledgment that the QC staff shall implement the three phase control system for all aspects of the work specified. The staff shall include QC Manager who shall report to the project superintendent. The name, qualifications (in resume format), duties, responsibilities, and authorities of each person assigned a QC function.

The QC System Manager shall issue letters of direction to all other various quality control representatives outlining duties, authorities, and responsibilities. Control, verification, and acceptance testing procedures for each specific test to include the test name, specification paragraph requiring test, feature of work to be tested, test frequency, and person responsible for each test. (Laboratory, facilities will be ¬approved by the Client).

Procedures for tracking preparatory, initial, and follow-up control phases and control, verification, and acceptance tests including documentation. Procedures for tracking construction deficiencies from identification through acceptable corrective action. The ¬procedures will establish verification that identified deficiencies have been corrected.


The requirements for the QC organization are a QC System Manager and sufficient number of additional qualified personnel to ensure contract compliance. MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd will provide a QC organization which shall be at the site at all times during progress of the work and with complete authority to take any action necessary to ensure compliance with the contract. All QC staff members shall be subject to client’s approval.

The QC Manager an individual within MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd organization at the site of the work who shall be responsible for overall management of QC and have the authority to act in all QC matters for MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd. He will be a graduate engineer, graduate architect, or a graduate of construction management, with enough construction experience similar to the contract. The QC Manager shall be on the site at all times during construction and will be employed by MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd. The QC Manager shall be assigned no other duties.

QC Personnel

MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd shall provide as part of the CQC organization specialized personnel to assist the CQC System Manager for the following areas: Electrical, Mechanical, Structural steel, Civil, Structural, Architectural, Material technician, and Submittals clerk. These individuals shall be directly employed by MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd, be responsible to the QC manager, be physically present at the Construction site during work on their areas of responsibility. These individuals shall have no other duties other than quality control.


Quality Control is the means by which the Contractor ensures that the construction, to include that of subcontractors and suppliers, complies with the requirements of the contract. At least three phases of control shall be conducted by the QC System Manager for each definable feature of work as follows:

Preparatory Phase

This phase shall be performed prior to beginning work on each definable feature of work; after all required plans/documents/materials are approved/accepted, and after copies are at the work site. This phase includes:

  • A review of each paragraph of applicable specifications.
  • A review of the contract drawings.
  • A check to assure that all materials and/or equipment have been tested, submitted, and approved.
  • Review of provisions that have been made to provide required control inspection and testing.
  • Examination of the work area to assure that all required preliminary work has been completed and is in compliance with the contract.
  •  A physical examination of required material, equipment, and sample work to assure that they are on hand, conform to approved shop drawings or submitted data, and are properly stored.
  • A review of the appropriate activity hazard analysis to assure safety requirements are met.
  • Discussion of procedures for controlling quality of the work included repetitive deficiencies. Document construction tolerances and workmanship standards for that feature of work.
  • A check to ensure that the portion of the plan for the work to be performed has been accepted by the Contracting officer
  • Discussion of the initial control phase.
  • The Client shall be notified at least 48 hours in advance of beginning the preparatory control phase. This phase shall include a meeting conducted by the QC Manager and attended by the superintendent, other QC personnel (as applicable) and the foreman responsible for the definable feature. The results of the preparatory phase actions shall be documented by separate minutes prepared by the QC Manager and attached to the daily QC report.

Initial Phase

This phase shall be accomplished at the beginning of a definable feature of work. The following shall be accomplished:

  • A check of work to ensure that it is in full compliance with contract requirements. Review minutes of the preparatory meeting.
  • Verify adequacy of controls to ensure full contract compliance Verify required control inspection and testing.
  • Establish level of workmanship and verify that it meets minimum acceptable workmanship standards. Compare with required sample panels as appropriate.
  • Resolve all differences.
  • Check safety to include compliance with and upgrading of the plan and activity hazard analysis. Review the activity analysis with each worker
  • The client shall be notified at least 48 hours in advance of beginning the initial phase. Separate minutes of this phase shall be prepared by the QC Manager and attached to the daily QC Report.
  • The initial phase should be repeated for each new crew to work onsite or any time acceptable specified quality standards are not being met.

Follow-up Phase

Daily checks shall be performed to assure control activities, including control testing, are providing continued compliance with contract requirements, until completion of the particular feature of work. The checks shall be made a matter of record in the QC documentation. Final follow-up checks snail be conducted and all deficiencies corrected prior to the start of additional features of work which may be affected by the deficient work.


Testing Procedures

MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd shall perform specified or required tests to verify that control measures are adequate to provide a product which conforms to contract requirements. Testing includes operation and/or acceptance tests when specified. The Contractor shall procure the services of an approved testing laboratory at the project site. MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd shall perform the following activities and record and provide the following data:

  • Verify that testing procedures comply with contract requirements.
  • Verify that facilities and testing equipment are available and comply with testing standards.
  • Check test instrument calibration data against certified standards
  • Verify that recording forms and test identification control number system including all of the test documentation requirements, have been prepared.
  • Results of all tests taken, both passing and failing tests, will be recorded on the QC report for the date taken. Specification paragraph reference, location where tests were taken, and the sequential control number identifying the test will be given. If approved by the client, actual test reports may be submitted later with a reference to the test number and date taken. An information copy of tests performed by an offsite or commercial test facility will be provided directly to the Client.


Punch-out Inspection

On substantial completion of the project, QC Manager shall conduct an inspection of the work and develop a “punch-list” of items which do not conform to the approved drawings and specifications. Such a list of deficiencies shall be included in the QC documentation, and shall include the estimated date by which the deficiencies will be corrected. The QC Manager or staff shall make a second inspection to ascertain that all deficiencies have been corrected. Once this is accomplished MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd shall notify the Client that the facility is ready for the “Pre-Final Inspection.

Pre-Final Inspection

The Client will perform this inspection to verify that the facility is complete and ready to be occupied. A “Pre-Final Punch List” may be developed as a result of this inspection. QC Manager shall ensure that all items on this list have been corrected and so notify the Contracting officer so that a “Final” inspection can be scheduled. Any items noted on the “Pre-Final” inspection shall be corrected in a timely manner.

Final Acceptance Inspection

The QC Inspection personnel, his superintendent or other primary management person and the Client’s representative will be in attendance at this inspection. Additional personnel may also be in attendance. The final acceptance inspection will be formally scheduled by the Client based upon the results of the Pre-final Inspection. Notice will be given to the Client at least 7 days prior to the final acceptance inspection and must include the Contractor’s assurance that all specific items previously identified to the Contractor as being unacceptable, along with all remaining work performed under the contract, will be complete and acceptable by the date scheduled for the final acceptance inspection.


MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd shall maintain current records providing factual evidence that required quality control activities and/or tests have been performed these records shall include the work of subcontractors and suppliers and shall be on an acceptable form that includes, as a minimum, the following information:

  • Contractor/subcontractor and their area of responsibility.
  • Operating plant, equipment with hours worked, idle, or down for repair.
  • Work performed each day, giving location, description, and by whom.
  • Test and/or control activities performed with results and reference to specifications/drawings requirements. The control phase should be identified (Preparatory, Initial, Follow-up). List deficiencies noted along with corrective action.
  • Quantity of materials received at the site with statement as to acceptability, storage, and reference to specifications/drawings requirements.
  • Submittals reviewed, with contract reference, by whom, and actions taken.
  • Off-site surveillance activities, including actions taken.
  • Job safety evaluations stating what was checked outs, and instructions or corrective actions
  • Instructions given/received and conflicts in plans and/or specifications.
  • MAR Saudi Arabia Contracting Company Ltd’s verification statement.

These records shall indicate a description of tracking on project; the number of personnel working; weather conditions encountered; and any delays encountered. These records shall cover both conforming and deficient features and shall include a statement that equipment and materials incorporated in the work and workmanship comply with the contract. One report shall be prepared and submitted for every seven days of no work and on the last day of a no work period. All calendar days shall be accounted for throughout the life of the contract. The first report following a day of no work shall be for that day only. Reports shall be signed by the QC Manager. The report from the QC Manager shall include copies of reports prepared by all subordinate quality control personnel.